WP Templates for Self-Employed Photographers: Showcase Your Art

Every cameraman needs to have a quality directory in order to appeal to clientele no matter if you are a
local scale family photographer or an internationally renowned award-winning artist. Your online network
has to be a powerhouse, exquisite and expressive. The exposition is meant to highlight your art and be a
proper setting medium not take away from your works or overpower them.

The consumers will have high expectations for your online source as a creative individual is counted upon
to add an artistic touch to everything. With modern WPTs there is no need to code anything yourself. But
How can a beginner pick the best exposition that is easy, sensible and at the same time a great backplane
for your art?


What you need is an aesthetically pleasing setting. Go for a polished classy feel and understated design.
Your WPT is meant to help highlight your creative works and highlight them presenting them in the best
possible light.

Pay attention to the gallery or portefeuille page feature. You should strive for the best display in order to
make your works more appealing to the future clients. Do not go into cartoony or grungy styles. Rather
think of the retro, clean, minimalistic or basic neutral pages.

Avoid screaming colors like reds, pinks or blues. Think about a grayscale color scheme or basic neutral
colors that won’t take away from the substance.

Elements to Look For

So what exactly should you look for? Instead of just talking about layouts here you get a list of features to
look for:

  1. Portfolio, e-commerce or a various purpose WPT will do,
  2. Clear + adaptable, you should be able to personalize it quickly and smoothly.
  3. Receptive, it should be coded to work on all computers and tablets.

Make sure the theme simple and clear in order for you to easily manage it by yourself. You need to find a
setting that allows you to concentrate on creativity and unique content rather than constant tuning.

A good commercial blog will take some investments. Quality built themes go from $30 and go all the way to
$200 and higher, yearly customer support will cost $20-50. Another thing you need to get is a page builder
they usually range in fees from $50 to $70 determined by the developer.

Some WP templates design engineers might also offer to build a blog professionally, no need to pay extra
because using the right plugins and a good theme you can easily handle yourself.