WP Templates for a Family Blog: Share the Love

Creating a small private family blog is always a great idea; you get to share pictures and news with all your
friends and distant family. Plus you can also think about saving a family history or sharing your heritage
with the world.

Even though the idea of building a web site sounds scary to you, it is not as hard as you think especially
with modern WP themes that allow you to build your own blog with no scripting at all.

Clear Minimalist Style

So what kind of WPT would be the best background to your family history? Do not settle for less than
perfection so here is what you need to look for:

  1. You want the WPT to be clean to ensure the best possible readability,
  2. Minimalist layout allows users to focus on your content only,
  3.  You need a gallery to show off your most valued family memories,
  4. You need the WPT to work swiftly on any mobile device,
  5. Maximum readability design,
  6. Proper documentation,
  7. Elegant heading and intuitive menu,
  8. Fast loading,
  9. Retina friendly display.

Look for WPT’s with simple and clear navigation menus this way filling in the blog will be even easier.


Modern WPT themes allow you to create beautiful portfolios having no coding skills whatsoever. When it
comes to your family blog try avoiding flashy effects, overpowering colors or bright backgrounds. Check the
WPT layout, sizes, headings and grip. What you need is to make sure the web site is really readable and eye

You can decide whether you want a free WPT or a paid one. Free themes might be a better option for the
start but they do not get updated and have no customer support. If you want to have professional support
better go for themes that have a customer care feature though you might have to pay a small subscription
fee every year.


The blog should work in all search engines so make sure it is optimized. Also make sure it looks good in all
portable devices downscaling to fit the size of the screen. You also have page builder plugins to make work
even easier as all you need to do is drag the content to the web page and drop it there. All drafts will be
saved automatically.

Also make sure to add social media plugins to copy the posts into your web site. Basically it is a tool that
allows you to post your family Instagram, Facebook posts etc. Later your kids can continue updating the
blog thus adding up to the family history. Don’t forget to come back to us for more advices.