Wedding Planner Website – Picking Out a Romantic WP Theme

The marriage ceremony themed sites can be very hard to master. From one side you have a super busy
planner overwhelmed with lots of orders and parties and from another side there are your potential future
job givers. You have a stressed out couple wanting to have their dream wedding and not go broke. So how
can you help them find each other and how can a planner stand out among the rest. Now is the time to be
attentive to the details in the layout. And picking the best WPT is the first step.

Amorous Flair

The marriage aesthetics call for a specific setting, exposition and design. Your WPT has to be as bright,
fresh, clean, luxurious and sumptuous as the marriage itself. Do not use animation effects, music or flashy
menu. Think about photos of happy couples, wedding settings, cakes and what not.
Go for mute pastel, black and white colors, crisp lines and see through backgrounds. Your navigation should
be simple and reserved; there is no need for big blog posts. It is better to pay attention to reviews page and

Add-ons to Consider

What features should you go for in the WPT of your dreams in order to bring out the best in your
commercial web site? Ask for the following:

  1. Up to date with the latest WP version
  2. A good feedback form,
  3. Contact and map page,
  4. Shop, cart and one product pages,
  5. Various layouts for blog entries,
  6. Quick loading.
  7. Responsiveness to any handheld electronic device.

You have numerous understated and humble WPTs to go for. Do not be shy to customize all elements and
add as many plugins as you would like to have. Do not go for bright colors or animate styles. Look for
something official neutral and businesslike. The page should make people want to work with you only.

Premium or Free

We cannot command you to go free or compensated; your WPT is what catches the customer’s eye and
you have to know how to make a proper first impression in this cutthroat business. By paying premium fees
and investing into your blog you feel certain that your picture looks good enough to attract potential
clientele. Remember if you want to have the best results it is better if you order a premium WPT and get
the most out of your network.

Do not worry if it is your first website, with modern WPT layouts and builders you will easily create a
persuasive network just as good as a custom built by professional developers. Did you find our tips helpful?
Leave your comments below.