Philanthropy and Non-Profit: Picking the Proper WPT for Your Society

Worldwide web is a great instrument for fundraising; the digital era has brought in huge changes in how
people view charity. A blog can cater to billions of people and yet cost you nothing.

The Best WPT for a Philanthropic Project

Even if you have basic computer skills with WP constructing a site is fairly easy.
Draw up a plan of what you should include to the page. The details you need to consider are as follows:

  1. It should look professional yet nice and considerate,
  2. Different headers and color schemes would be a nice option,
  3. The WPT should be receptive of any screen size and fluid to look well in any proportion,
  4. SEO-support is important as it is responsible for the Google rating,
  5. Your WPT has to work well on all internet browsers, make sure to run a test on a few devices with
    various browsers,

Staying Within the Resources

There are WPT’s with built in features like donate, landing pages, pictures albums, social media widgets, or
event administrating options. But you do not really need all that so if you have some excess funding you
might contemplate purchasing a WPT specially created with donation collecting features in mind. However
you can do with free themes just as well. With us you will learn about the ways to save your funds.

No need to pay for the WPT; there are some free themes out there that have just the functions you need.
For example Charitize. This WPT is 100% free yet it is very stylish, clear, fluid, susceptible of all screen sizes,
and equally fast on all browsers. One more similar free WPT is Maisha Lite.

For The Best Results

But besides the suitable WPT to generate donations and persuade readers to join the cause you should
check out the add-ons that will help you build a functional site at no cost.

The WP has many cool things built for charity causes. You have the add-on that counts donations on a
specific cause. The end visitor will see it as a small square with a cause, short description, picture and the
graph that shows how much has been donated and how much is yet to collect.

There is another plugin called “Give”. It shows on the site as a square with a Donate option, Add Amount
graph or suggested sums for donation. The add-on also redirects the user to payment page and later sends
him a beautiful colorful thank you note. And those amazing plugins are free of charge. Come back to our
blog for more WPT advices and tips.