Layouts for Cooking Blogs: 3 Best WPT’s To Highlight Your Talent

As an individual with a baking, grilling and roasting talent and a desire to dispense your skills with the world
you know that it takes a tasteful presentation to make your food even tastier. We have a list of great free
WPTs to display your abilities and attract more readers.

Free WPTs Built With Food Blogs in Mind

What you want is a WPT that is modern, fast, and yet free and easy to use for a beginner blogger. You need
to think about showing off your dishes not rack your brains over too many choices. First WPT we can
recommend is Publication, it is free of charge, very basic and quick to grasp. The main image in your new
post becomes the big backplane icon on your home page.

Dyad is another contemporary WPT allowing you to showcase your dishes in style. You have many single
story pages, an up to date heading that is very eye engaging and comprehensible. The profile is made of
three columns showcasing your latest article in the wider column in the center.

The Activello WPT is pretty universal for food and lifestyle journals. The navigation is very simple yet
modern. The fist page looks super stylish with an expensive fleur. Your main article is at the top of the page
taking the top half of it and the lower half is split into smaller squares with the previews of your previous
recipes. The pattern looks very interesting and attention snatching.

Making a Perfect Site

There are sooooo many amazing options we could offer to make a top ranking food website but for now let
us just concentrate on all the things a beginner food blogger needs:

  1. Go free. There are many basic and simple WPTs that are never the less attractive, stylish and
    professionally coded,
  2. It is better to have a WPT that is routine but responsive than the big cumbersome one that looks
    bad on the mobile device. Modern WPTs have to be scalable, variable to highlight the content on
    the screen of any size and quality properly.

Things to Consider

There are a few other details you need to think over before embarking on the task. You want to have a
gallery feature in order to get the best of your food pictures. There must be a very simple menu plus
various pages to choose, from the homepage to contacts, FAQs and About Me.

Would you like to also be able to read visitor comments? For this consider the following plugins: Facebook
Comments, Postmatic or WP Advanced Comments etc. The WP has a basic comments feature but it is not
good enough if you take the comments seriously.