E-Commerce Retailing: Make the Most Out Of an Online Shop

Running a dot com fashion business is a huge task especially with so many competitors stepping on your
heels. And of course a functional web site that is aesthetically pleasing, simple to navigate and responsive is
vital for the company. So how do you pick out the best WP theme?

There are thousands of new free, prepaid and what not WPT’s coming out every day. You could of course
just go for the most downloadable ones. But you want a WPT that is not widespread thus the shop will be
more recognizable.

Pick the Suitable WPT

The WPT for your e-commerce venture needs to be compliant, versatile and fast but there are many
features you also need to keep in mind:

  1. Go for a clear stylish theme,
  2. You will also need an enhanced portfolio options,
  3. It has to be responsive to any screen size and any device your customers can possibly use,
  4. It has to be really speedy and swift,
  5. Look for more demos and layout options,
  6. Look for live customer care,
  7. You will need various pages starting from the home page, single product pages, contact forms,
    reviews etc.

The looks matter, make sure the WPT is beautiful as it will be the first thing to represent your company. Do
go for a hint of color in the design but do not go overboard.


Starting with the WooCommerce that has like an army of devoted users and various advanced plugins that
come with subscription fees. There are numerous apps built with e-commerce in mind to make the most of
your shop and don’t lose money. You can manage your stock, your shipping and all documentation though
this single plugin. It is also very easy to use and does not require additional training.

Another popular add-on for online fashion retailers is called Shopify. It is much easier than WooCommerce
and also has thousand of loyal users. Shopify helps you incorporate your store in Facebook, Instagram and
other social networking sites as well as manage your shipping.

Going Custom

If you ever feel like prepaid WPT’s are not enough and you need a bigger platform you can always order a
theme that is made for company only. You would have to invest a few thousand dollars into the project but
it will be worth it.

If you look at the big global retailers they have networks coded and designed specifically for their shops. If
you do go custom however you get lots of option like having your own social media network, online chat
customer care etc. Let us know what WPT you have chosen for your store in the comment section.