Architecture Bureau WPTs: A Style to Fit Your Company

It is not a secret that these days a proper online network can make or break your company thus websites
matter and if you want to attract potential clients you need to work out how to create an appealing web
site. With our tips and advice it will be much easier.

Dos and Don’ts

Here is a short list of all the small things you have to take into an account:

  1. First of all the WPT has to be cohesive and stylish. Even free software can look competent and
  2. Speed matters, your website should upload fast because most customers will simply click on the
    next one,
  3. Responsiveness matter, the theme should be adopted and flexible enough to work well in any scale
    whether it is a small phone or a huge PC.
  4. The WPT of your choice should come with all the certificates.
  5. Retina friendliness matters, the WPT should look good on any display,

Pick Your Theme

Luckily you have a choice of quite a few free WPTs built with architecture in mind. Look at Naturo Lite, a
SEO and SMO adopted WPT that has a beautiful composition with a full size front picture and a see through
floating heading. You also get 2 free page templates; this WPT come with personalization options and
works with the latest WP adaptation as well as with all add-ons a creative worker needs to present himself.
SKT Panorama is another cool WPT with a ultramodern, minimalistic yet unconventional design to satisfy all
the needs a beginner architect can have. The front page is built of five full sized picture fragments making it
look very vivid and colorful yet subordinate and understated. This WPT is also fast and adaptive to all

Add Some Plugins

Instagram Image Gallery WP plugin is vital for any page that was built to showcase creative works. Use this
free plugin to import pictures from a single user or all images under a certain hash tag. You can choose
layouts like a grid, slideshow or thumbnails. A plugin called Soliloquy is great for building slide show
presentations with numerous slideshow templates. Use this to showcase your works creating beautiful

Envira Gallery is a very popular gallery collecting add-on in case a regular WP gallery feature is not enough,
and in your case it is definitely not enough. What is so cool about this plugin is that even though it has
numerous options and style it will never slow down your web site. NextGen Gallery is similar in its idea and
core functions but it is famous for offering even more design options.