A Restaurant Website: Make Your WPT Work for You

As you know in the 21st century your business has to have an online presence otherwise it does not exist.
Mastering a proper website is fairly easy and with our advices even a beginner with no coding training can
build a commercial website. Just follow our tips and you will see how easy working with WP is.

The Best of Free WPTs

Draw up a plan. What would you like to include into your site? Here are some basic suggestions for you to
start with:

  1. A good gallery page plus sliders for hi-res photos,
  2. Responsiveness for all customers no matter if they own old PSc or brand new tablets,
  3. You need to have a contact page,
  4. A proper reviews page with 5 star ratings,
  5.  Clear stylish minimalistic design,
  6. Various layouts and logos,

FoodHunt is one of the popular free WPTs for food businesses. But fear not with all the possible layouts and
designs the possibilities are endless. You can use your own photos as page wallpapers. You will get contact,
staff, history, gallery pages and what not. Another cool WPT is Canapé. Its classic elegant look caters to
customers of all ages and backgrounds. The pages can be accessed from any devices giving proper
information presentation to all the customers. Your title page is built of three different widgets, menu
listings and a full sized picture.

Restaurant Life WPT is also free of charge and is meant to cater to all kinds of client oriented businesses
from pubs to hotels. You have all the features like a blog, a gallery, contacts etc. This WPT is very good for
beginners being very fist and responsive.

Indispensable Plugins

There is a free add-on called RestaurantPress which is basically a menu builder allowing you to easily
compose and display your menu online. Pictures, prices and short descriptions are well though through just
like the menu chapters. You get a choice of three layouts, grid, one and two columns. The plugin is dragand-drop
feature compatible.

WP Pizza was originally designed as an add-on to help manage online food deliveries, but there is more to
it. The plugin is multilingual; helps keeping track of the menu, cash and credit card payments etc. The WP
Restaurant can manage your bookings as well as your menu. You will get many perks like email reservation
confirmations, control over reservation times and tables etc. And this is also free. Did you like the
suggested WPTs and plugins? Let us know in the comment section.